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Accounts Receivable Factoring

The world’s most readily available resource for B2B business owners in need of a ready solution to solve problems of cash flow caused by slow-paying customers is Accounts Receivable Factoring.  Available to almost all B2B businesses including early stage start ups.

Service Sector Finance

We are specialists in providing finance and factoring services to service sector small businesses such as security companies, cleaning companies, staffing companies, print shops, landscaping companies, caterers, maintenance companies, welders, window cleaning companies and many, many others.

Manufacturers & Distributors

Worldwide, factoring provides a ready solution for problems of cash flow for manufacturers and distributors and can also play a prominent role in purchase order finance for offshore contract manufacturers.  Additionally, factors can work hand-in-hand with inventory finance providers thus providing a complete financing solution for this vitally important sector.

We Finance Startups

Factoring is one of the most often used financial tools for the financing of young companies and startups.  Since factoring is not structured as a loan, but rather a purchase and sale transaction, the lack of credit history of young, entrepreneurial startups is not a significant problem for factors often making factoring the financing method of choice for early-stage entrepreneurs. 

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